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We are a Marketing Agency Located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are here to help brands engage along the entire consumer journey.

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[ut_parallax_quote]To become client valued partner by providing ultimate supports and answer to the client’s needs[/ut_parallax_quote]



A Marketing Service Provider,
specializing in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As the only true provider of a full menu of solutions, Dicertu is more than just a partner. We’re your trusted advisor, providing innovative solutions from program design and execution, to insightful customer feedback throughout the duration of your campaign.

From Consultancy, implementation, operational, fulfillment to interactive & integrated solutions, you’ve got options



You can’t demand loyalty. You earn it.

Dicertu specializing in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), CRM is the integration of sales, marketing, service and support strategy, process, people and technology to maximize customer acquisition, value, relationships, retention and loyalty.

Consumer Loyalty

It costs more to acquire a customer than to retain an existing one. The trick is to keep your customers loyal. Dicertu delivers a precise mixture of marketing services that creates the chemistry for companies like yours to attract new customers, and to strengthen existing customer relationships. Our qualified team of professionals can assist you in administering virtually any size program, ranging from simple reward fulfillment to high-level customer interaction and support.

Services include :

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  • Comprehensive Loyalty Program


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  • Point Rewards Program




Interactive Solutions

Play a game that lets your brand win.

We’ve plotted strategy for nearly every imaginable scenario, and we’re experts on gaming trends and new technologies. Let us help you determine when a prize promotion is an appropriate tactic to ensure that your program gets results.

Our experienced staff specializes exclusively in the gaming field and uses cutting edge technology to design winning programs and drive results with the right game design and proper focus, and here at Dicertu We drive results for gaming programs like:


  • Match & Win
  • Drop & Win



  • Scratch & Win
  • Skill & Challenge Contests



  • Mystery Shopper
  • Best Dressed Competition


Streamline your supply chain.

Harness the power, extend your reach, scale your program to virtually any size. Maximize results and maintain strict efficiency. Our warehouse and distribution centers are strategically placed in Jakarta for convenient shipping to your retail and sales base.

Supply chain Solutions include:

  • Storage/Warehouse Management
  • Marketing Materials Management and Fulfillment (Packaging, Shipping, Distribution, Installment, Reporting)
  • Logistic Management (packaging, vendor and carrier management, shipment tracking, proof of deliveries and claims, reporting)
  • Reward Management (reward handling, sourcing, order, purchase, catalog management)


Sales Support

Sales cannot happen by itself, a lot of instruments are required to ensure the decision making processes are influenced towards your benefits. It will require highly trained and creative team to support the expansion of your business. All team must work hand-in-handto achieve the ultimate goals of the company. It will require highly trained and creative team to support the expansion of your business. All team must work hand-in-hand to achieve the ultimate goals of the company.

Services include:

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  • Sales Promoters Management
  • Merchandisers Program

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  • Mobile Trainer Program
  • Mystery Shopper Program

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  • Channel Incentive Program
  • End User Rewards Program


Consumer Care

To connect with your customers, let them connect with you.

Provide your customers with quick, easy and one2one access to comprehensive customer service support. We understand that each and every customer contact is vital to the success of your business.

Service includes : MSR Program



Allow us to orchestrate your Events.

Our services are designed to allow you to choose how best we can help to stage your Events. Our ability to listen to your needs and match them with our abilities makes us strong and different.

Services Include :

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    • Exhibitions
    • Meeting
    • Seminar

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    • Road Show
    • Corporate Gathering
    • Outing

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    • Gala Dinner
    • Training
    • Interpersonal Skills & Professional Skills Upgrading




Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more innovations, developing more efficient workflow and at least some more improvements here and there. As a result we deliver a better solutions for your needs.


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